What our employees say about us

Julia, Accounting - Dunning & Credit Control Age: 24 Country of origin: Austria Working at Transped since: March 2013

When I come to the office in the morning,...

...I turn on my computer and make myself a Nespresso coffee (we have the best coffee-machine ever :)) and a pot of tea (in Winter) or a carafe of water (in Summer), which I’m drinking throughout the day.
After the first sip of coffee, my day can start successfully.

What does your job role here at Transped involve?

My main tasks are sending reminders, doing limit requests and checking the data of our clients.
Three times a month we send reminders to all clients who haven’t paid our due invoices. Many give us an immediate feedback: either when the invoice will be paid or that there’s a problem. If we have to solve a problem, we’re getting in contact with our colleagues in the Dispo.
Before we can work with a client, we have to check if the client gets a limit from our credit insurance. Therefore, our colleagues in Sales or in the Dispo start a limit process, which we pass to the online platform of our credit insurance. Through this platform, we immediately receive the information, whether or not we can work with a client.
We also receive e-mails directly from our clients or from our colleagues regarding changes of company data, which we then have to check and update.
If our colleagues have questions about our clients or our invoices, we are always available and ready to help them.
Besides all that, I’m responsible for the module “Administration” of our trainee program, which all of our new employees run through. In the course of this training module, I explain how our administrative department is working and how everything is linked within the company.

Which skills do you need for your job?

Some basic knowledge in accounting, English, German and maybe also any other language (French, Italian, Spanish,…), because we often have to discuss with our clients regarding the payment delay. Additionally: logical reasoning, multitasking, flexibility,…

How did you hear about and end up working here at Transped?

I was searching for a job as a dispatcher near to Wörgl/Kufstein, I applied at Transped and I was invited for a job interview. Then, the HR department told me that there was also a free position in the Accounting department for which they needed someone who speaks German, English and Italian. So they invited me again for a trial working day and then I started to work here.

What is the coolest part of your job?

The coolest part is to call our clients, which are not paying for a long time – then I can be a little bit rude at the phone ;) When they finally pay and we see the payment on our bank account, it’s an awesome day!

Why do you like working at Transped?

I like all our colleagues, we have a nice work atmosphere. When it’s someone’s birthday, he/she is providing a cake or a snack like Fleischkäse, which we can enjoy.

Which 3 words come to your mind when you think of Transped?

Open-hearted, international, dynamic

Do you have some advice for future applicants?

Be open-minded and polite and you will find a lot of good friends :)