COVID-19 Update 19th March 2020

The health of our employees is the top priority for the Transped Group. We immediately started to take appropriate measures and develop recommendations for action for our employees, as well as for suppliers and partners, in order to minimize the risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus as soon as possible. All measures we have taken are continuously checked and adjusted in line with the constantly evolving situation in Europe. We are in regular contact with the authorities and are assessing the current situation on a daily basis.

Our crisis management protocol follows the plan to reduce operational capacity in-house and increase our home office capacity. At the same time, it is our aim to guarantee security of supply for our customers and partners.

Therefore, you can reach our customer service as usual by phone and e-mail and all deliveries to our customers are secured at the moment.

We understand the key role of transport services during this challenging situation not only in Austria but also across Europe, and we strive to do our best to keep our operations as normal as possible. We ask for your kind understanding in case of longer delivery times or drop in service level caused by the constantly changing factors.

We really appreciate all efforts and commitment of our employees who are involved in the maintenance of the traffics.

Our big thanks goes to all truck drivers who are currently facing the most difficult circumstances on the roads and who are helping to keep the supply chain flowing for us. This ensures that we ALL can continue to live our lives as normal as possible, and we don't have anything to miss yet.

Stay fit and healthy.

Your Transped Team