What our employees say about us

Alexander, Division Manager Spain Age: 33 Country of origin: Austria Working at Transped since: July 2005

When I come to the office in the morning,...

In my position each morning can be different, but normally I start with checking my mails and some important reports, solving current problems together with my team and attending meetings.

What does your job role here at Transped involve?

I am responsible for a complete business unit called “Division”. Therefore, I am responsible for developing strategic goals and taking actions to reach these goals, ensuring the economical success of my department. An essential part is to recognize and react fast on market changes and also to discover potentials for new markets. Within the department, I also have to control and monitor the price structure of all markets.
Furthermore, an important part of my job is to support, coach and lead my team by giving them regular feedback, setting goals and promoting team spirit.

Which skills do you need for your job?

It’s important to be resistant to stress and to always be motivated to develop and reach more. Additionally, you need a high level of self-discipline, self-confidence and initiative as well as willingness to constantly learn something new and to work hard.
Very good communication, managing, organisation and leading skills are also part of my job profile. Furthermore, you need to have a commercial background and understanding. You should never be afraid of taking risks and decisions and to bear for the consequences of your decisions.
Last but not least it’s essential to be open-minded, as the working environment is multicultural and we also operate on a European level.

How did you hear about and end up working here at Transped?

By coincidence I heard about a job offer at Transped and after having checked the company and the job description in detail, I was impressed and very curious. After two weeks of my interview, I started to work as a Transport Manager. Today, 12 years later, I am still here.

What is the coolest part of your job?

To always be faced with new challenges, which help you gain new experiences and constantly make you learn something new.

Why do you like working at Transped?

I have always been supported in developing myself and my career. I have always felt appreciated and been treated fair, therefore I can identify myself with the job and the company.
The working atmosphere is excellent and I have very good relationships within the whole company.

Which 3 words come to your mind when you think of Transped?

Dynamic, challenging, success.

Do you have some advice for future applicants?

If you apply for a job in Transped Europe prepare yourself and make sure that you want to work in a dynamic job with a lot of proactive communication, responsibility and a high level of self initiative and motivation. Then you have the chance to develop yourself and be part of the success of Transped Europe.