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Professional competence, quality, sustainable management and absolute customer orientation - this allowed our company to grow continuously and successfully since 1983. Established as a family business with a long tradition, we have always been able to keep a personal touch in spite of constant development. Reliability towards our customers, flexibility and swiftness, implementation of customer wishes in an individual and personal way, long-term and fair partnerships – these are the attributes that add value to Transped.

Our corporate values form the basis of our daily business and are actively embraced by our owners as well as by our employees.
Our visions are encouraging. Both are set down in the company’s mission statement and are binding for us towards customers and suppliers.
The core competences of the Transped Group are in the field of European transports of different products using a wide range of vehicles, and within intermodal freight transport.
The area of “special transports” is covered by the company Sonder Transport Service. A wide range of services concerning transport complete our performance spectrum.


Overview of the Transped Group - solid values and numbers.

  • Founded as a family business in 1983
  • At the moment, the following companies appertain to the Transped Group:
    • Transped Holding GmbH, Wörgl
    • Transped Beteiligungen GmbH, Wörgl
    • Transped Europe GmbH, Wörgl
    • Transped Consulting s.r.l., Bozen
    • Transped Immofinanz GmbH, Wörgl
    • STS Transport GmbH, Wörgl

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Our policy

Every commercial enterprise strives to make profits, and so does Transped. But making a profit is not the only aim of our business. We, the Transped team, consider the origin of the word “economy”: creating values. And that is exactly what we do. Create values for you, our customers, for our employees and, of course, for the Transped Group and its affiliated companies.

The realisation

The Transped Group is focused and dedicated to sustainable development – two important elements for any enterprise that wants to be established successfully in the market in the future. We of the Transped Group have a good sense for what is feasible and brings long-term business success.Our innovative strength is crucial for the development of our company. You can trust in our business policy.

The core

The main focus of the Transped Group lies in transport – the movement of goods all over Europe. Specifically it is most important for us the combined traffic and the enormous advantages it brings. To ensure that this does not change in the future, our financial and real estate services provide the appropriate framework and the necessary room to move forward.


Monitors were set up in the open-plan offices to pass on information to the employees.

Renovation and modernisation of the offices in Gewerbepark 1, Wörgl.

Since 21th September 2017, the Sonder Transport Service GmbH operates under the name STS Transport GmbH.

Modernisation of our petrol station at Gewerbepark 1, Wörgl.

Expansion of our intermodal network to England, Spain and Scandinavia.

Opening of the office of Sonder Transport Service GmbH in Innsbruck, Grabenweg 3.

Start of intermodal traffic Germany-Italy on the route Herne-Verona.

Moved into the new office building of the Transped Europe GmbH in Wörgl, location Gewerbepark 13.

Founding of the A – Interprojekt Immobilien GmbH

Founding of the CB Interprojekt A.S, Czech Republic

  • Founding of the Transped Consulting srl Italia, Bolzano
  • Founding of the Sonder Transport Service GmbH
  • Founding of the Transped Immofinanz GmbH

Founding of the Transped Holding GmbH and the Transped Beteiligungs GmbH

Opening of our first large petrol station in co-operation with Shell Austria

Completion of a new head office in Wörgl; This logistically multifunctional location is situated directy at the motorway exit and next to the truck terminal of the railway. On the company's premises, there is a large petrol station for trucks including a restaurant, a truck garage and a car wash station

With the opening of Europe, transports were extended to all European countries

Began Specialization in full load transports between the countries Germany - Austria - Italy

Founded as a family business in 1983

Transped was a national haulage contractor with head office based in Thaur near Innsbruck

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