Claims and Insurance Department

Our loads are on the road around the clock all over Europe – and of course, damages can occur. That’s when our Claims and Insurance Department comes into play. The Claims and Insurance team handles all kinds of claims and insurance cases, forming the central point of contact between Transped, CMR insurer, client and haulier.

The tasks of the Claims and Insurance department

  • Discussing claims with the involved parties
  • Requesting necessary documents
  • Correspondence regarding the status of claims
  • Checking and processing of claims
  • Settling claims with the involved parties
  • Collaboration with insurance agencies and authorities
  • Statistics and figures regarding the development of damages

The strengths and abilities of the Claims and Insurance team

  • Very good legal understanding
  • Extensive knowledge of transportation law (especially CMR)
  • Legal, analytical thinking
  • Mediative attitude towards all parties involved in a claim
  • Ability to present and transfer the CMR to the parties
  • Self-motivated and assertive attitude when it comes to conflicts
  • Determined attitude when dealing with involved parties
  • Very good English skills
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