The IT department is responsible for all matters regarding our software and hardware as well as for the provision of the corresponding IT network and connecting the single locations of our company.
The employees of the company get access to the company network and the data is maintained by the IT department. Our ERP software is programmed, monitored and developed internally. Necessary external software is installed and updated by our IT department. Furthermore, the IT department is responsible for the support of our internal telephone system, the provision of data security as well as virus protection, resolving technical difficulties as well as the development and maintenance of our intranet.

The duties of the IT department

  • Development and monitoring of internal and external software
  • Programming ERP system
  • Hardware
  • Development and monitoring of hardware, network and telephone system
  • User management
  • Data security
  • Virus protection
  • Support and development software and hardware

The strengths and abilities of our IT team

  • High IT affinity
  • IT expertise (network, software, hardware)
  • Organizational skills
  • Good communication skills and ability to work in a team
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Flexibility
  • Process know-how
  • Independent, goal-oriented and accurate work style
  • Very good skills in German
  • Good skills in English

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