Welcome to Transped, the specialist in European haulage.

Since 1983, our company has placed great emphasis on its commitment to professional competence, quality, sustainable management, and total customer orientation which has resulted in success and steady growth. As a traditional family business with 231 employees* and annual sales of approx. 185 million Euros*, we have maintained a very personal approach. Reliability, flexibility and swiftness are typical for our business, and we make sure to care for individual customer requirements as well as long-term, fair partnerships. These are the attributes that represent the brand Transped Europe.

Our core competences lie in European haulage using a wide range of vehicles as well as in intermodal freight transportation. In our head office in Wörgl, Austria, our service orientated dispatchers communicate with our customers in 22 languages, using the latest technology.

Our corporate values are the basis of our daily business and are actively embraced by our owners and employees. Our visions are encouraging. Both are set down in the company’s mission statement and are binding for us towards customers and suppliers.


*31st January 2020

**turnover 2020

Transped Europe at a glance – solid values & numbers.

We are a family enterprise, dedicated to sustainability and long-term success. Our reputation as a reliable long-term partner is documented in these figures*:

  • Founded as a family business in 1983
  • Turnover: 129 million Euros*
  • 142 employees**
  • Languages: 22 (mother tongues of our dispatchers)
  • More than 154,000 full truck loads annually
  • Number of haulage vehicles:
    • 1,200 low emission trailers and tractors from selected, dedicated partners
    • 330 trailers for intermodal freight transport
  • Financial soundness:

*turnover 2020

**31st January 2020

Transped Europe was founded in 1983 as Transped International Transportgesellschaft m.b.H and was situated in Thaur near Innsbruck. The company started out with only a few employees, but has been growing rapidly after the relocation of the head office to its current site in Woergl in 1997. Currently, the company currently employs 142 people* .

The change of the site location was a strategic decision. The step to move to Woergl was taken due to its central location (situated directly on the North-South axis) and because of its dynamic development as a business region, particularly in logistics.

The construction of the new head office started in 2006 and in early 2008 the modern low-energy building was inaugurated. Transped Europe currently employs more than 142 people*.


*31st January 2020

Corporate Image

Bringing together unique, like-minded people to connect businesses in Europe to shape a better world.
Our greatest asset is our people. We empower great people to realise their full potential. We select, develop and encourage people to be better than ourselves.
We believe that hard work, tolerance, integrity, responsibility and respect cannot be compromised. We lead by example. Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. We believe people can only reach their full potential through ownership. We build a sustainable, agile and profitable business for our people and future generations to come.

Our values

Team spirit

Solidarity - we stand together- one for all and all for one. Fun - we have a good time together. Togetherness - together we are strong – together we are successful!
Common pursuit of excellence and outstanding results.
Our managers sharply identify and develop the core strengths of each individual and thus promote our collective success.
We support and develop our employees’ competences. We trust our employees and executives. We delegate- promotion of self-reliance and self-responsibility.


Our role models are our leaders. We treat all our partners and colleagues with respect and appreciation. We offer our employees an extensive trainee program as well as a variety of ongoing trainings along their career path within Transped.
Smart IT solutions & technologies. Flexible working time models. Modern leadership methods & future-oriented attitude.
Every employee has access to the information he or she requires in order to work responsibly and independently in the interests of the company.


Our employees are valued for their continuous commitment, work and loyalty. Their opinions and suggestions are heard with openness.
"The dignity of man is untouchable." Every human being is equal, regardless of gender, origin, skin color, religion or sexual orientation.
Progress and evolution is only possible when we lead by example. We treat everyone like we want to be treated- with respect and appreciation.


We avoid unnecessary risks of any kind. Absolute legal compliance.
We offer open-ended contracts and excellent career development opportunities.
Through our combined business success, we ensure the independence of our company as well as our investments.


Our employees assume responsibility for their scope of work. In terms of his / her area of responsibility, the employee is the respective competence center and contact person for all questions.
We facilitate and develop our employees’ competences. We trust our employees and executives. We delegate - promotion of self-reliance and self-responsibility.
Every employee has access to the information he or she requires in order to work responsibly and independently in the interests of the company.

Certificates, Insurance & Employees

D&B Rating Certificate von Transped Europe GmbH

For years, Transped Europe is committed to continuous optimisation, achieving advantages for our clients, our employees as well as our cooperating freight carriers. The following certificates confirm our successful efforts for optimised services, high quality, exceptional security and efficient processes while considering the environmental effects we are responsible for as a transport company:

Since 1996 the Transped Europe management system is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Furthermore, we are able to fulfil the special requirements of two of the most delicate branches when it comes to quality and security: the chemical industry and the sector of fast moving consumer goods. This makes us a qualified partner also for many other branches and industries.

These results represent a high concordance with the requirements of Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council), which is confirmed by our latest SQAS certificate (Safety and Quality Assessment System). We are conducting all of our transports according to the CMR Convention (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road), which includes all necessary policies for the insurance of the transports. Furthermore, our liability insurance covers damages up to 5 million Euros.

Transped Europe relies on a highly motivated, capable and well trained staff. We are guided by the conviction that only a motivating, modern working environment that is characterised by independent action and strong teamwork can enable us to provide the highest level of service for our customers on a daily basis.

We only communicate with our customers in their native language. We currently speak 22 languages fluently.

At Transped Europe, ongoing training and qualification is not just a slogan. Each floor of our head quarters in Wörgl has a modern staff training room to provide ongoing training and education in the workplace and to form powerful, committed team units.

Each of our employees bears great responsibility - regardless of rank or duty. Considering quality as an overall process, every employee is involved in our quality management system and in doing so makes an important contribution, documented by our ISO 9001:2008 certificate, and the SQAS certificate (Safety and Quality Assessment System).


Transped Europe has always placed great emphasis on quality and transparency. Early we recognised the importance of certifications to ensure quality for our customers in a competitive market and to document our internal processes in accordance with specific quality standards. The ISO 9001:2008 certification is just one example of the standards we meet.

Over the years we have developed a comprehensive quality management system that integrates every employee and supplier as well as our resources. Ongoing training and education, implementation of the latest standards, controls and audits, investments in modern IT and communication systems, our customer feedback programme as well as a modern management structure form the basis of our quality management system.

The achieved results highly correspond with the requirements set by Cefic (European Chemical Industrial Council) and are verified by our recent SQAS certificate (Safety and Quality Assessment System).

To ensure a systematic and holistic quality assurance policy, our transport partners are part of our quality management system. A standardised procedure ensures an excellent selection of professional and reliable haulage partners, many of whom have been members of the Transped team for several years.

Additionally to specific standards of the vehicles, a CMR insurance with a guaranteed level of cover, proven road safety, and driver qualifications are mandatory components of our quality requirements.

Our corporate activity has always been characterised by a sense of responsibility towards present and future generations.

This is substantiated by our focus on the most resource-efficient and environmentally friendly intermodal freight transport options. Furthermore, we only use low emission HGVs. Also our modern head offices in Wörgl conform to our environmental policy, featuring energy efficient technologies and CO2 neutral air conditioning.

Our principles are laid down in our mission statement, and are binding for us and our customers.



Tilt trailer

Tilt trailers are available with or without sideboards. They are specially designed for volume shipments. Most tilt trailers have a side curtain and an Edscha roof. 

Important data:

Internal width: 2,43 – 2,45 m (loading width under curtain)
Internal height: standard 2,65 m internal height or more (note: internal height does not equal side or back loading height!)
loading weight (payload): standard 25 tons (up to 27 tons possible)
Floor: thickness of about 4 cm (wood or aluminium); suitable for forklifts of 5 – 7 tons
Pallets units: 34 Euro pallet units or 26 floor pallets, pallet box possible
Doors: double-wing doors, rotating rod lock




Road train

There are two types of road trains: the standard ones with a total length of 14,00 m or the jumbo road trains with a length of 15,40 m. Jumbo road trains have a loading space of approx. 120 m³.

The structure of a jumbo road train is equal to that of a mega trailer. 

Some data of road trains and jumbo road trains:

Internal width: 2,45 – 2,50 m
Internal height: 3,00 m
Loading weight (payload): 15 tons, max. 21 tons, depending on the number of axes

Coil trailer

The coil trailer is equipped with a coil trough inserted into the floor. They are specially designed to ship steel coils and heavy aluminium coils. The trough prevents the coils from moving.

Internal width: 2,45 m
Internal height: 2,50 m
Total length: 13,60 m
Length of coil trough mostly from 6,50 m to 9,00 m
Loading weigth (payload): 24 – 25 tons; intermodal payload of up to 28,5 tons.

Coil trailers are equipped with Edscha roofs, as most steel coils are loaded by crane.


Megatrailers are mainly used for high volumes shipments, offering about 100 m³ loading space. One advantage is the possibility to load the megatrailer by crane, thanks to an Edscha roof. Due to its high volume capacity, it is also used to transport DIN grid boxes, Euro pallets, etc.

Internal width: 2,50 m
Internal height: 3,00 m inside height throughout full length
Total length: 13,60 m
Loading weight (payload): standard 25 tons
Floor: About 4 cm thickness (aluminium or wood); suitable for forklifts of 5 – 7 tons.
Pallet units: 34 pallet units (Euro), no pallet box.
Grid boxes: Floor space for 96 DIN grid boxes.

Note: When loading using a ramp, the dock height must be taken into account. With standard ramps with 1,20 dock height, new generation megatrailers featuring air suspension have to be used.

Jumbo trailer

Jumbo trailers (also called gooseneck trailers) are mainly used for high volume transports. Available with sideboards (tilt trailers) or as a curtainsider (tautliners). Thanks to their special design, various loading options are possible.

Some data of jumbo trailers:

Internal width: 2,45 m (sideboard) or 2,50 m (curtainsider)
Internal height: 2,50 m (before the step), 3,00 m after the step
Lower bed size: approx. 10,00 m
Gooseneck length: approx. 3,60 m
Trailer weight: 7 tons
Loading weight (payload): 24 tons


The frigo trailer (or reefer) is completely closed and needs to be loaded through its backdoor. The required isolation as well as the temperature controlling aggregate lead to a relatively high trailer weight.

The most important data for reefers:

Internal width: approx. 2,45 m
Internal height: about 2,60 m
Trailer weight: 7,5-8,8 tons
Loading weight (payload): approx. 22 tons (depending on manufacturer)
Loading height: about 1,20 m
Door height: 2,60-2,65 m
Pallets: about 34 Euro pallets; pallet box possible


The walkingfloor is a hydraulically driven sequentially moving trailer floor. Hence, pallets or other products may be moved inside the trailer and loaded without a forklift. It is especially useful when no forklift can be used, or when the loading is taking place indoors where bulk materials cannot be tipped. 

Internal width: 2,45 m
Internal height: 2,50 – 2,60 m
Length: 13,60 m
Loading weight (payload): 24 tons


Tippers are used for the transport of bulk materials (p.e. construction waste or animal feeding supplies) as well as spillage (p.e. sand or soil).

The tipper bridge moves hydraulically and allows the unloading of goods by tipping either to the side or to the back of the trailer. Rear tippers can only unload bulk material to the back. The loading areas mostly have a rounded shape in order to prevent goods from getting stuck.

Additionally, there are two-side and three-side tippers. Two-side tippers are able to unload bulk material on both sides while three-side tippers additionally can unload to the back.

Roll-off tippers, skip loaders and dumpers are vehicles for branches with special requirements.

Tippers have an open roof which can be covered, if required.

Tipper bridge volume: 20-55 m³
Payload: 25-27 tons
Total weight: 40 tons

Rail trailer

Rail trailers are semi-trailers that fulfil all requirements to be transported by rail and therefore are suitible for intermodal transports. Reinforcements of frame and platform as well as protective plates on the edges are necessary details for railway loadings and the higher payload involved. Rail trailers are avialable with sliding tarpaulins or sidewalls.

Due to the higher playload requirements of up to 28,5 tons, rail trailers are mostly used for coil transports with trough.

Rail trailers equipped with Joloda rails are used to transport paper rolls.

Length: 13,60 m
Inner Width: 2,45 – 2,50 m
Inner height: standard 2,65 m
Payload: standard 24 tons (up to 28,5 tons possible)

Full truck loads of the following industries

  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Petrochemicals
  • Food
  • Hygiene products
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Pet food and pet care
  • Aluminium and other non ferrous metals
  • Paper and packaging
  • Automotive
  • Construction materials
  • Steel
  • Forest products
  • Beverages
  • Electronic equipment
  • Clothing
  • And much more ...

The above listed branches represent the core bussiness of Transped Europe. More than 1.200 low emission vehicles as dedicated fleet, from well-known tilt-trailers and taultiners to megatrailers and walkingfloors - Transped Europe covers all customer requirements of its target markets with highest quality standards.

With rapid reaction times we are able to deploy our vehicles flexibly, optimising costs and securing deliveries in time.

What our customers say

Source: Customer Satisfaction Analysis 2021


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