Arlberg Tunnel - Closed

Dear Sirs,

please note that due to maintenance work the Arlberg Tunnel in Austria will be completely closed between 15.04.2024 - 22.11.2024.

Consequently the routing of your transports from areas in Germany and France to Italy, as listed below, will be need to be adjusted.

Thus, the Arlberg Tunnel traffic will be diverted via Munich and Austria. The affected areas are:

transports from/to: Germany – Italy

Region to/from DE ZIP-2 to/from Region to/from IT ZIP-2 to/from
Ortenaukreis DE-77 All Italy IT 00-99
Emmendingen DE-79 All Italy IT 00-99
Breisgau Hochschwarzwald DE-79 All Italy IT 00-99
Freiburg im Breisgau DE-79 All Italy IT 00-99
Lörrach DE-79 All Italy IT 00-99
Waldshut DE-79 All Italy IT 00-99
Rottweil DE-78 All Italy IT 00-99


transports from/to: France – Italy

Region From/To FR ZIP-2 to/from Region to/from IT ZIP-2 to/from
Hauts de France FR-02,59,60,62,80 Brescia, Cremona, Pavia IT 25-27
Ille de France FR-77,78,91-95 Südtirol, Friuli, Venice IT 30-39
Grand Est FR-51,52,54,55,57,67,68,88,90 Emilia Romagna IT 40-49
Bourgogne – Franche-Comte FR-21,25,70 Abruzzo IT 60-69
Normandie FR-76 Puglia IT 70-79



The aforementioned detour via Munich and Austria does increase the distance compared to the regular route via tunnel. We will endeavour to keep the agreed transit times intact, however at this point we cannot evaluate in how far the increased traffic volume on the alternate route will impact the core transit time. Therefore we will keep you updated with the latest developments.


The detour increases the distance covered and therefore affects our cost basis. As a result of this we will be implementing a temporary surcharge per load which we be added to each transport on the lanes listed above. It will come into effect exclusively during the closure of Arlberg Tunnel. We will provide you with the amount of surcharge and its calculation on origin-destination basis.

We remain at your full disposal regarding further details.

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